CE Certified

SMOCKEO is CE certified (EN 14604), a high level of quality.

The SMOCKEO smoke detector offers full compliancy with the Morange law (2010-238) which obligates owners to equip their properties with an autonomous smoke detector. Since January 2016 in France, every property owner is responsible for the proper operation of his smoke detectors.

SMOCKEO, with its prevention and assistance features, perfectly responds to this demand.

An exceptional 5 years autonomy!


Quite simply the most energy-efficient connected object on the market.

Even with a regularly scheduled information transmission, SMOCKEO offers 5 years autonomy. Your SMOCKEO detector is delivered with its battery, once it reaches the end of its life, we can send you a new one : continuous protection!

Be warned: phone call, SMS, email or notification


What if your smoke detector warned you of an emergency ?

Thanks to the signal sent by SMOCKEO to our secure servers to be analysed, you can be alerted wherever you are. In real time, SMOCKEO warns you using your preferred method: phone call, SMS, email or notification and without a GSM subscription!

Finally a detector that enables proper decision making in the first seconds of a smoke detection.

Network dedicated to the Internet of Things


SMOCKEO communicates on the secure and independent SIGFOX network. Allowing you to be updated in real-time about the status of your SMOCKEO detectors and their alerts. Thanks to the innovative SIGFOX network, SMOCKEO can be installed everywhere and does not require any cabling or network: no Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or GSM! SMOCKEO is thus able to address all of your prevention needs, even the most particular: cabin in the woods, boat, etc.

Obtain proof of operation


SMOCKEO is the only detector which is fully compliant with the French law. To this day SMOCKEO is the only detector which ensures in real-time its proper operation thanks to a constant data transmission (as per articles L.129-8 & L.129-9).

If a disaster were to occur, it is thus possible to certify that the detector was functioning properly. The data being transmitted to our secure servers, we can guarantee that the smoke detectors were functioning properly at the time.

More ecological


With the real-time battery monitoring, the battery change is optimized. Move only when necessary, thanks to the detector alerts.

The battery is almost empty? I am immediately warned by email, before the detector goes off. The SMOCKEO team can go even further, and anticipate your need by sending new batteries or by planning the intervention of a security professional.

No configuration


SMOCKEO is truly activated in a couple of seconds! Independent from electrical and telecom networks from your home, it does not require any configuration.

1- Copy the activation key from the back of your detector at : api.smockeo.com/activation

2- Choose the alert preferences (call, SMS, email…) of the contacts to warn.

3- Finished, it's this simple!

Share SMOCKEO alerts


For a better protection of people and goods, share your SMOCKEO alerts with your family and neighbours, for example.They will be warned in case of a smoke alert using their preferred means (Phone call, SMS…).

If you are not in the area, they will quickly be able to take the right decisions: exit the property immediately and warn emergency services. An ideal and secure solution to protect your goods anywhere: sailboat in a port, rented house, secondary house, etc.

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