SMOCKEO, the network & me


Your smoke detector is connected... but not any old how! Discover the innovative SIGFOX network which your detector uses to communicate, the subscription terms and the data protection.

Know everything about the SIGFOX network

To warn you and allow you to check on the proper state of your detectors everywhere, anytime, SMOCKEO has chosen the low-bandwidth network dedicated to the Internet of Things : SIGFOX.

Who is SIGFOX?

This French company from Toulouse is the first to offer a network dedicated to connected objects. The SIGFOX connectivity solution relies on a network of antennas and base stations completely independent from existing networks, such as telecommunications networks: no Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or GSM, yet SMOCKEO communicates!

My annual subscription

The connected smoke detector SMOCKEO guarantees an optimal security at the lowest cost on the market! Your SMOCKEO detector is provided with one year subscription from the date of the detector activation.

The annual subscription costs only a few euros TTC per detector. Information about the subscription renewal is available from your online SMOCKEO space.

At any time, renew your subscription from your SMOCKEO space with a secure payment..

Information protection

The network choice is essential in the prevention of fire risk. With SIGFOX, SMOCKEO moves past the constraints of the home networks. Your SMOCKEO connected smoke detector will keep communicating when networks (electrical and telecom) are no longer operational : power outage, unplugged internet box, burn cables... As such it guarantees a constant and secure information transmission.

The information transmitted to our secure servers is encrypted to ensure their integrity. Alerts are managed as binary frames, developed by COBJECT SAS, developer of the SMOCKEO product.

Your SMOCKEO only transmits information useful for fire protection

Smoke detection and rise in temperature
Low, empty or missing battery,
Detector removed from its place
Electrical glitch
Communication problem between detectors or with SIGFOX
Detector manually tested

SMOCKEO is not big brother! No other sensor or camera, no other information is transmitted by the device.