Cobject SAS was created in 2014 to develop and manufacture objects connected directly to long range radio networks.

In only 35 years the internet has completely changed our lives. Today, new technologies and communication networks allow us to reach a new stage in object connectivity. Our objects communicate directly on the internet, without a SIM card and at a low cost. A small revolution!

Our company shares this vision of the Internet of Things and is one of the first to propose high quality products and services directly tied to the internet.

Part of the 130 most innovative companies according to l'Usine nouvelle and among the 150 most innovative products of the magazine Science et Vie, Cobject counts on excellency for each of its products.

Our team

L'équipe Cobject

A young motivated team to create the future of connected objects !

The creation of a connected object requires a wide array of competences, even for experienced companies. One must account for the hardware development, the firmware, the backend development, and finally the web and mobile development. Our company and its network of partners is at your disposal.


SMOCKEO renders the « smoke detection » service truly effective and durable. By sending local or distant alerts but also by the supervision of the state of the sensor, avoiding the eternal problem of the smoke detector that cannot function anymore... which no one is aware of.
Intent technologies