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SMOCKEO uses the revolutionary capabilities of the SIGFOX network, the only solution allowing for a connected object to reach such a high autonomy, with a sufficiently low subscription cost.


The compatibility of the SMOCKEO solution with the Hub Numerique lets users create new use cases by combining in a simple and secure manner features from the connected smoke detectors with those of other devices.

Intent Technologies

The integration of SMOCKEO to the Intent Technologies platform enhances this innovative service to the entirety of the building ecosystem (landlord, builder, owner, installer, end-users etc.) and facilitates the creation of multiple use cases


In a world always more connected, the BOSCH group accelerates its entry in the IoT, major strategic axis for the group.


The FFIMPID is an organization for professionals in the installation of material for the prevention of house fires.


The expert in smoke detection allied with the intelligence of connection, a winning team for the connected object.


SMOCKEO partnered from the start with the industrial Alsacian group SOFIMECA, specialised in the wiring, plastic and piping sectors.

Alsace brand

Many pictures are used to symbolize Alsace: storks, pretzels... By associating with the shared brand, SMOCKEO is the illustration of a moving and innovative Alsace!

The French Tech

The French Tech designates all players in the ecosystem of French startups. Under this name are young people, engineers, designers, developers, associations, public operators...