The future of fire protection is in your reach

SMOCKEO is the only smoke detector able to meet your most stringent requirements. It pushes back the limits of modern technology with its prevention, assistance and statistics features. With over 5 years autonomy and an installation requiring no network configuration our detector is quite simply a revolution.

What if your detector called you?

At last know what happens in your property

Your SMOCKEO detectors constantly check their state and look out for alerts. Depending on the emergency, you can be warned by the means of your choice

the key


CE EN14604 Certified

SMOCKEO is a high quality EN14604 certified smoke detector with an NF certified smoke chamber.

Simplified configuration

Scan the barcode and the detector is activated! The configuration is intuitive and Smockeo is deployed in mere seconds.

Dedicated autonomous network

Your smoke detector will continue to communicate its alerts even if the networks (electrical or telecom) are not operational.

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